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During my travels, my compensation for free accommodation for one night, was for me to write a daily travel diary. Of how I got to my next location, the people who would host me, the food I was offered and everything else. Below you find the archives of the highly extensive reports. Know that English is not my native language and most reports were written at high speed around midnight. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 June 2001
--> Waterford (IRL) - recovering

Maybe not at all interesting for you. About how to sleep in 'till 11 o'clock in the morning, using the computer and visiting the local cinema. That was about it.
Hardly any irritation in my left eye again and I never used the eye drops again. Pfff, what a relief.

The article Jim Clarke wrote about me in the Evening Herald, -sorry, not online- was published today.

It was fun, when Alan told me from his work, that I was in the paper, I immediately got out to find my copy of the paper.

When I got at this little grocery store in Waterford, the first thing the guy behind the counter said was: "Aren't you that chap from the internet?"
"Mmm, yes. How do you know?" I asked him.
"Your jacket tells your website and I heard about you on the radio yesterday."

Wow, that's funny. I payed for the newspaper and at the moment I wanted to hit the street again it started to rain very hard.

It seemed I had to wait in the grocery stop for a couple of minutes. And suddenly it was crowding inside, people came from all over the place outside, hiding from the sudden rainfall.

"Hey everybody," I heard the man behind the counter say, "this is that guy of the Internet. He is visiting Waterford today!"

And suddenly I noticed he was talking to me and all eyes were focused on me. It was dead-quiet for a moment, till I said: "Hi."

"Hey, I heard you on the radio yesterday," a lady with two little children said to me.

And then she fired the usual string of questions, which I am already accustomed to answer...

"So where have you been sofar? Where are you going? Where are you from? Zwolle? Is that near Amsterdam?" Etcetera...

I was a little bit happy to be freed from the rain of questions when the rain outside had quit. I said goodbye and proudly showed the newspaper to Leslie when I got back.

I didn't spend all day behind the computer today. Most of the things were up to date again. I felt guilty for being almost five days behind on my reports that time, I hope you are a little satisfied now...

Alan would come back from his work around 8.30pm, so I watched "Dinosaur" on DVD there (Shamus was still playing the Playstation).

I must say that recovering from a little illness and some travel-exhaustion doesn't feel that bad at all, certainly when my hosts has piles of DVD's...

When Alan came home, the first thing he asked was: "Wanna go to the cinema now?"
"Right now?"
"Yep. Let's go and see Evolution!"

The movie is about a meteor which landed in a little town in the USA, and it has some life form around it that evols in days, while human evolution took millions of years.

Of course it evoluted in a very dangerous thing and it was to the movie heroes to come up with a solution: head and shoulders shampoo.

Believe it or not, this movie is really funny!

When we got home, Alan heated up some of the Cajun of yesterday night, but I could only eat half of it. I think the cinema popcorn already filled the gap.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early: media is calling.
And I have to get moving again. Up north....

Good night Waterford!

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