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Tuesday, 26 June 2001
--> Waterford (IRL) - recovering

I am not going to another location today.

The nose-thing-allergy is taking it easy with me.

After he made some delicious Irish Breakfast for me, Alan took me to the WRL-FM studios in Waterford. They wanted to have an interview with me and produced a short item for their hourly news of today. It was fun, but still a red nose was always in front of me.

I skipped the part of going to a doctor or pharmacy today. I think it all will get better if I just relax for a couple of days.

Alan took a day of and after the radio-thing, we got to Leslie's Guesthouse again, where I spent most of the day working on the Internet.

It was pretty necessary as my mailbox was piling out and some people really needed some attention (hi mum!).

At night Raph came over again, and with him two girl friends of them all.

One of them was Katherine. And Alan and Raph had to make things good with her, as they forgot her birthday last Saturday... So they kneeled for her in the hope she'll accept their apologies...

Alan brought carrot-soup with him and Alan cooked a delecious (spicy and heavy!) Cajun meal.

The night ended with all of us drinking (I had the Irish Cream Baileys’!) and watching the movies "Leon" and the "5th Element" (with Bruce Willis) on DVD.

It may sound pretty boring to you, but for me it was a day of doing completely nothing. Recovering is nice. ;-)

Good night Waterford!


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