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Wednesday, 25 June 2003
--> Espanola, Ontario, Canada (2nd day)

I could easily use the extra day and I gracefully accepted the offer from my Dr. Cathy Priddle in Espanola to stay another day at her animal farm. I had lots to process in my head and on digital paper and loved to hang around her pets.
In the afternoon Cathy insisted on driving all the way to Manitoulin Island, south of Espanola. I had to see Manitoulin Island, she said, "Because it is the world's biggest island in fresh water."

The Ojibwa natives believed that when Gitchi Manitou (the Great Spirit) created the world, he reserved the best bits for himself and created Manitoulin Island (God's Island) as his own home. As a continuation of the limestone Niagara Escarpment, Manitoulin is strikingly different from the harsh grey rocks of the Canadian Shield with its white cliffs, wide blue lakes, gentle green woodland and stretches of open, prairie-like farmland.

I know that because that's what I saw of Manitoulin Island. We were on our way to the [ ]Bridal Veil Falls[/url] on the island, but we never found them. Cathy denied being lost. "We are not lost," she said when we turned around another road and tried a different turn-off again, like every time. Of course not, Cathy! That's just called "looking for the falls".

We finally gave up after a fascinating tour along various little towns and decided to at least enjoy an ice-cream cone before getting back to the Canadian mainland.

We never saw these falls, but it was that hot that the ice-cream melted down my hands and created a little private fall in the car. I have never spilled that much ice-cream since I was a child. Laundry time again!

Back in Espanola I relaxed at the little animal farm again, where I played with the dogs, did some writing and played with the dogs again. They are sure going to miss me!

At night, after dinner, Michelle came over. Michelle is the 17-year-old future vet and a care-taker of Cathy's dogs and horses when Cathy is out of town. Tonight she came over to show us her prom-dress, as she was very excited for this special event later this week. Doesn't she look great in it?

Tomorrow I am hitting the road again, heading out to Sault Saint Marie!

Good night Espanola!