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During my travels, my compensation for free accommodation for one night, was for me to write a daily travel diary. Of how I got to my next location, the people who would host me, the food I was offered and everything else. Below you find the archives of the highly extensive reports. Know that English is not my native language and most reports were written at high speed around midnight. Enjoy.

Thursday, 1 August 2002
--> Oakden, Adelaide, South Australia (2nd day, photos only)

No reporting today. Could not find the energy to do it later. Enjoy the photos.


I won't spend as much time writing my reports as I did normally, because sometimes I am more a fascination for the hosts I visit than they can ever be a fascination for my report; as I don't get a chance between all the questions that are fired at me on an every day basis.

It disencourages me almost everyday when I am asked for my age or my last name or where I have been until now, when I stay with people, as everything is explained with utmost care and commitment on my

The fact that should be about my hosts and about sharing that daily experience on the website has changed and is flipped upside-down: people now seem to invite me because I am a
celebrity (I think I am still Ramon doing my thing) or because I am doing something great and to be a living storybook ("tell us your stories!")and not for the simplicity of helping me out with some food and a place to sleep (remember the early days of my project?).

Any advice is welcome, I am just very tired. Do you thing here.