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During my travels, my compensation for free accommodation for one night, was for me to write a daily travel diary. Of how I got to my next location, the people who would host me, the food I was offered and everything else. Below you find the archives of the highly extensive reports. Know that English is not my native language and most reports were written at high speed around midnight. Enjoy.

Saturday, 25 August 2001
--> Oslo (N) 5th day ROYAL WEDDING DAY

This morning my next hostess Siri Holmsen picked me up at Bjørnars place (as they are friends) and I had breakfast at her place, together with her Flatmate O.J. and their friend Vibeke.
Today we tried to be present in the city centre of Oslo as the crown prince Haakon got married today, but the centre was just too crowded.

We decided to just enjoy it from the peaceful living room, while watching it on a muted television and listening to music.

Around two o'clock in the afternoon my hosts were already drinking beer and offered me to drink too. But I was happy with something fresh like coke.

Half an hour later Sirri offered me something else than coke again. It was like "Come on, take a beer!", but I kept on refusing and tried to explain them that I cannot drink beer in the afternoon with the life rhythm I am currently living. I don't have a day off or a free relaxing weekend, everyday is another day of travelling for me.

Guess how my life would be if I accepted all the drinks I am offered every day since May 1.

"Do you want vodka then, instead of beer?"
No thank you and it was getting hard to me to stay friendly in me saying No all the time (no offence: Sirri understood it since then).

I just don't drink much alcohol. I have learned about alcohol enough since my visit to Ireland.

While we watched the wedding ceremony on television, I noticed how unemotional the wedded couple was.

In contrast of weddings I had seen before, there was absolute no sign of any happiness in the faces of the future princess and the crown prince. Their faces were just plastic smiles.

When they both said something like Yoah as an answer to the bishop if they would stay together and the usual blabla until death takes you apart, they stayed static.

I mean, at weddings, and especially in churches it is all about two people getting happily married. But they did not even give each other a kiss, until they walked out of the church at the end of the ceremony.

And of course that became the picture that went around the world in the media.

If I ever get married, I'd make it a big party and I am sure I would be 200% happier than they were.

O.J. prepared spaghetti for dinner as I updated my website on their computer with cable connection.

After dinner we watched the poor movie Lost In Space on video, for me a great opportunity to relax while the ladies were trying out over ten different outfits to wear tonight. Women!

Around 10.30 pm we headed out into town, as a friend of Sirri is a taxi driver and gave us a free ride. It still was busy in the centre of Oslo, a lot of people who tried to catch a glimp of the wedding couple were now all on the streets for a night out.

Sirri, O.J. and Vibeke took me to Tors Hammer, a bar dancing where dance music was played and people slowly got in more and more until it got pretty crowded and hot.

We had a good time, I drunk only a few beers and enjoyed the atmosphere as dance classics, modern trance and rock and roll passed through the night.

At 12pm fireworks were lit at the Oslo harbour, lighting up the sky with a lot of light. And all to celebrate the Royal Wedding of today.

Sirri and I watched it on the streets and it was very enjoying and big. At certain times there was firework all over the sky, even lit from high points in the city. The streets of Oslo even got foggy. After the fun everybody on the streets got back into the pubs and discos.

It was about 1 o'clock when I got enough of a guy who was constantly trying to get his hands on Sirri and Vibeke or any other woman that passed.

While he talked to Sirri, he - by accident - burned Vibeke's hand with his sigarette, causing her to throw over a glass of beer. All over her. He saw it happen with his drunk eyes, but he just didn't care, he was only thinking about one thing this night.

But he kept coming back and this time I joined in and told him to back off, move! and don't bother us anymore.

But he just annoyed the girls who were pushing him away.

I tapped him on his shoulder to get his attention and looked in his eyes. "Now f*** off! You are a pain in the ass here!"

The guy let Vibeke go and had his fist land in my face.

I did not expect that and when I realized I was hit, I became furious. I mean I was pissed and not just a little bit; this time somebody went to far and I was *********!!!

I was ready to give him my portion of growing anger, but this guy was very lucky as a big security guy had already pulled the guy on the floor and almost choked him to get still.

I almost wanted to jump on him and give him my payback, but the guard waved at me not to do that.

I think that was a good idea, because I did not want to get into a fight with the guard and the guy and I knew he was going to be kicked outof this club anyway.

I felt my nose and noticed my face was wet. Blood was gushing out of my nose in high speed. As I saw how the guy who did that to me was dragged through the audience to the nearest exit, I was taken care of by concerned bartenders.

They took me to the kitchen and gave me enough paper towels to survive for a year and to stop the bleeding of my nose.

[b]It was another experience during my journey, to have a fist planted in my face by a drunk guy who harrassed the ladies.

I calmed down as the kitchen people helped me out with cold water and a glass of vodka with ice.

Just ten minutes later I got back to our table and enjoyed the party again. The bleeding had stopped, the guy was kicked out and everybody was overconcerned about me.

"I am sorry, I never wanted something this to happen with you," O.J. told me. My only possible answer was "Shit happens and life goes on."

The guy only hit me between my lips and my nose, causing no big harm on the surface of my face. Something feels swollen, but it won't be that much of a deal.

It is just a thing that happens.

And now you know I just don't like to be drunk or meet terrible drunk people. Drunk people can be sleepy quiet over too present and talk out very loud. Or even show their real agressive personality.

As the pub closed at 3 am, we got out at 2.30, after enjoying a few more beers. At the exit I had to thank the guard who helped me out.

We got a taxi back home and I got a very long sleep.

What a night!
Good night Oslo!


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